Bulls Genital Male Sexual Enhancement 1 Case / 10 cans / = $75

Remedies that are inexpensive may work just as well as ones that are very expensive. One thing that is true is that there are a lot of herbal remedies for male enhancement on the market. The reason it is a huge industry is for the reason that men like you want to have better erections and please their partner and in turn please themselves. Some remedies claim to make your penis larger and others will work so you maintain an erection, much like some of the pharmaceutical medicines on the market.

Bulls Genital Male Sexual Enhancement Tablets is a mix of herbs that increases your penis size, help with sperm production, nourishes sperm, stimulates adrenal gland production and protects you from fatigue and help maintain and nourish kidney function. Unlike other herbal remedies, Bulls Genital Male Sexual Enhancement is absorbed through the lymphatic system and not through the liver.

The ingredients in Bulls Genital Male Sexual Enhancement Tablets are Polyrhachis vicina roger, ginseng (root), formica sanguinea, medlar, hippocampi, and multi-rich nutriment and unique medicine effect extracts. Unfortunately, there is no information as to what the “multi-rich nutriment and unique medicine effect extracts” are.

Polyrhachis vicina roger is not an herb but rather the Chinese black ant. What is interesting about this ingredient is that it has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It is a powerhouse ingredient with so many different benefits that is in the same league as ginseng. This is used to improve circulation, nourish the blood, increase vitality, increase virility and potency.
Formica sanguinea is a type of wood ant; there are no listed health benefits other than, like other insects, full of nutrition and protein.
Ginseng is a well known ingredient and this is used to increase physical stamina, improve well-being and treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
Hippocampi is also an animal—the seahorse to be exact and this is used to treat impotence and enhances liver and kidney functions.
Medlar comes from a tree and helps detoxify your body through healthy urinary function.
With these mix of ingredients, not only will you benefit sexually but also enjoy a better overall health.